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Bamboo Books is pleased to offer Dutch artist Rob Schouten’s beautiful and visionary greeting cards printed on high-quality, glossy recycled card stock (4″x6″). His images evoke a sense of the mystery, serenity and sacred order that lie beneath the surface of nature.


Artist Rob Schouten is known for inspiring images which celebrate the sacredness of the Earth and, as he describes, invite us to connect with the larger whole:

“The images I paint offer, through surprising juxtapositions, a moment of insight into the archetypal nature of our shared human experience. The simultaneous sense of mystery and recognition my work evokes invites the viewer to discover that just below the surface of the ordinary there lies a sacred reality, accessible the moment we turn inward.”

Rob believes his role as an artist is to create objects and images of mystery and beauty which suggest how we can live in harmony with our environment, with peace, balance, and enlightened feelings toward others.

Schouten was born in Rotterdam, The Netherlands and received a degree in Graphic Design from the School for Graphic Arts in Utrecht. He moved to the United States in 1979 and has since exhibited his work in galleries across the U.S.  His work is acclaimed for its rich symbolic content and skillfully rendered details and has appeared internationally on greeting cards, as well as covers of books, magazines, and CDs.