About Us

panda_at_Natl_Zoo2Founded in 2000, Bamboo Books brings a fresh international perspective to readers around the world.  Our goal is to offer insightful stories from all cultures to broaden and entertain minds of all ages.  Our staff and advisers include a workshop of content editors, book designers, graphic artists, and linguists based in Arlington, Virginia.

Our book offerings include educational books (focusing on language learning), non-fiction works of cultural interest, historical fiction, and contemporary poetry.  Our newest language guide focuses on learning Chinese and Japanese.  Recent book events have wilsonblvdhighlighted suspenseful tales of lost art from WW II, family sagas spanning 3 generations on both sides of the Pacific Ocean, and poems of spiritual yearning from an African-American perspective.  A popular guide to charting your career heads up our business category.  We continue to expand our offerings each year.

We hope you enjoy our products and services, including those of Bamboo Games, Bamboo Maps, Bamboo Marketing, and Bamboo Films.  Please let us know how we can better inform, entertain, and “open your eyes to the world”.